Residential Pressure Washing in Houston, TX

Modern House — Pressure Washing in Houston, TX
Think you can clean it yourself? Think again!
Renting a pressure washer from a home improvement store to clean the roof or a sidewalk is not a small job. Without experience and knowledge of using a pressure system and the proper chemicals, you can damage your property and cost yourself a lot of extra money. You could also hurt yourself by falling off the roof or cutting through your skin with the high pressure. If you are not familiar with the equipment and procedure, we suggest you let the professionals perform the job for you.
Ultra Group Pressure Washing offers multiple outdoor cleaning services for your residential property.
We have experience using all types of pressure washing to clean any kind of surface.
Our services are listed as follows:

Soft Wash House Washing
Soft Wash Roof Washing
Driveway Cleaning

Walkway Cleaning


Stucco Cleaning
Hardy Plank Cleaning
Wood Cleaning
Brick Cleaning


Fence and Deck Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Patio Cleaning
Spotless Window Cleaning

Ultra Group Pressure Washing In Action
Preparing Your Home For Service
Make sure your water is accessible from the outside.

Put your animals in a safe place. We don’t want them to be accidentally harmed.

Do not park close to the house. We need enough room to move the ladders.

All of your windows should be closed.

If you are not able to move your grill and patio furniture out of the way, we can remove them for you.